スミナガシとその近縁種 / Genus Dichorragia and its allies [日本の蝶 / Butterflies JAPAN]


A pupa of Dichorragia nesimachus

adult butterfly.jpg
A newly emerged adult butterfly of Dichorragia nesimachus

proboscis magnified.jpg
A red proboscis of Dichorragia nesimachus

 スミナガシ属(Dichorragia)は本種の他にはninus (モルッカ諸島からパプアニューギニア)とnisseus (中国南西部)の3種からなる小さな属である。このうち「チベットスミナガシ」という和名で知られるnisseusと本種を並べた画像を公開する。左がチベットスミナガシで、何となくスミナガシの異常型のような平板な感じの斑紋である。しかし独立種であることはどうやら間違いないようである。

nesseus and nesimachus.jpg
D. nisseus(Sichuan, China) and D. nesimachus (Yunnan, China)

 また成虫の斑紋だけ見ると騙されてしまう有名な種に「カバイロスミナガシ」の和名で知られるPseudergolis wedahがある。一見、別名の「ニセカバタテハ」そのものの斑紋で、スミナガシとは縁もゆかりもなさそうだが、幼生期特に蛹の形状はスミナガシとそっくりである。本会会誌No.17に発表された中国産の蛹の画像を紹介したい。上掲のスミナガシの蛹と形状が良く似ているのがお分かりかと思う。

plate of Pseudergolis wedah.jpg
▲カバイロスミナガシの蛹(会誌Butterflies No.17より)
Early stages of Pseudergolis wedah (after Butterflies No.17)

原田基弘, 1997. 中国産カバイロスミナガシの幼生期. Butterflies 17: 15-17.

The Constable (Genus Dichorragia) and its allies

The author of this blog happened to obtain the pupa of the Constable (Dichorragia nesimachus) the other day. The shape of the pupa looks quite similar to a dead leaf. Unexpectedly the adult butterfly has emerged from the pupa because of the warm weather in Tokyo. Thus here the author of this blog would like to introduce this beautiful Nymphalid butterfly.
The Constable (Dichorragia nesimachus) ranges rather broadly from Nepal or northern India in the west to New Guinea in the east. In Japan northern Honshu (mainland) is the northernmost of its distribution. Genus Dichorragia contains only three species, namely ninus (Moluccas and PNG), nisseus (SW China) and this species. A Chinese species, nisseus is shown above compared with nesimachus. Some researchers argue that nisseus is only a sub-species or mere variation of nesimachus, however it is likely to be a independent species.
The Tabby (Pseudergolis wedah) is known to one of allied species of
Genus Dichorragia although its wing markings are quite different from each other. But if one can study the early stages especially the pupa of both species, it can be easily understood that they are closely related. The figure shown above is from our journal "Butterflies" No.17.

Harada, M. 1997, Early stages of Pseudergolis wedah in Sichuan, China. Butterflies 17:15-17.
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